What You Want in a Coach

When I asked what you felt were the most important things to know when having golf lessons, here’s what you said

Coach needs to demonstrate that he cares for you

  • Asks about your current ability, ambitions, game strengths & weaknesses and what frustrates you most about your game.
  • Does his homework prior to the lesson, so he knows what has been covered in past lessons.
  • Offers encouragement

A coach who is knowledgeable

  • You must trust the coach: check his credentials, experience and how you feel after your first lesson.
  • He is someone who understands how you learn.
  • Determines the biggest thing wrong that will have the most impact on your game improvement if corrected.
  • What specifically do I need to do when practicing?

I want a coach who communicates well

  • Listens carefully
  • Summarises key points checking that you understand exactly what they are.
  • Provides some kind of follow up—written or video— after the lesson to reinforce the main points to practice.

As the student—what you should do

  • Be prepared to spend at least 5 hours practice for each 1hour of coaching
  • Be prepared to take a series of lessons rather than just one


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