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Skipping Stones & the Right Arm

Skipping Stones from Peter Knight on Vimeo.

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Don’t just watch the shaft

When you watch a golf swing.  The thing that catches your eye most is that nice shiny silver shaft (or maybe a coloured composite shaft).  By all means watch the shaft, however, its movement is influenced by the hands and arms.  His video describes the correct path for your hands.

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Making your Practice Efforts Count

I have met many golfers claiming to be hard practicers.  However most pale in comparison to a friend whose practice habits are something of a legend.  A lasting memory is of him at a local park with a galvanised tin rubbish bin full of golf balls.  There would have been around 500 balls in the bin! He tipped the bin …

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Winning: why coaches and athletes respond differently

Ever set yourself a big goal, achieved it and then wondered what the fuss was all about…almost like there is a type of anticlimax even though you have won? The reason I’m asking is that the responses from coaches and their athletes seem to differ quite a bit when a team wins a championship. The players are on cloud nine …

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Rule of Thirds

Practicing serves one primary purpose: to improve your competitive performance. You need to ensure you are doing whatever you can to be able to transfer your improvement to the course. You must also create balance in your practice plan to ensure you are devoting sufficient time to each area of your game. One way to achieve a balance in your …

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Balancing your Practice Time

You’ve finished playing for the weekend and believe that your putting cost you quite a few shots.  For the practice sessions the following week do you a) focus almost exclusively on putting to try to ensure it is better next week b) keep to a balanced practice schedule or c) buy a new putter? Most people tend to do either a) or c).  …

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Spiritual Laws of Golf

This post is my summary of a book, The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success by Deepak Chopra which I have read two or three times already.  The book which contains what at first seems to be ideas which are a bit ‘out there’, but soon make sense when you take the time to think about them.  There are seven “laws” …

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The Rope Feel of a Golf Swing

It’s amazing how powerful images are and their effect on how we behave in golf.  I’m talking about perceptions of the swing, not good or poor behaviour on the course! As golfers we are striking a stationary ball with the objective of propelling it down the fairway; ideally straight and through the air.  This thought of making it become airborne …

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Perfect pivot movement

The pivot is the body movement in the golf swing.  This post is a video clip which goes for about 6 minutes where I present on how the club, arms, hips and shoulders work during the golf swing to bring about straight and powerful shots. This post is to show how it is possible to get beyond being concerned with …

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US Open, NLP and secondary gain

“I have worked with Graeme McDowell on his mental game for over five years.  In that time some NLP techniques have proven invaluable to our progress.  The culmination of a US Open win does suggest that any golfer wanting to become the best they can be NEEDS to train BOTH technique and mind.  It is with this combination that you …

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