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The One-Second Routine

Ever missed a putt after carefully checking the length and break, making couple of practice strokes, and setting up as precisely as possible?  Have you then walked around the other side of the hole and hit the ball into the hole without taking any care lining up or thinking about how hard to hit the ball?  Of course you have. …

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Chip Shot Set Up

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Correct posture: the foundation of an excellent golf swing

Builders take great time and care to ensure a building’s foundations are stable and correct, otherwise the building can’t be developed correctly. So it is with a golf swing. You can identify a good golfer by the way they stand to the ball, likewise a golfer with poor posture is identified as one who limits their potential. This clip explains …

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Perfect pivot movement

The pivot is the body movement in the golf swing.  This post is a video clip which goes for about 6 minutes where I present on how the club, arms, hips and shoulders work during the golf swing to bring about straight and powerful shots. This post is to show how it is possible to get beyond being concerned with …

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Set up to Pitch Perfectly

Whenever I am coaching, the one shot which seems to need the most work is the pitch.  The reasons for this are varied and fit into two broad categories: players not practicing correctly or not practicing with correct form/technique…two completely different things. In this blog I will describe the correct pitch shot set-up.  Study the photos accompanying this article and …

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