Becoming a better golfer is important to you and you know the most reliable way to improve your golf is through a combination of coaching and practice.

Almost all golfers are extremely poor at knowing how to correct their own swing errors, or even what those errors are!  No wonder you get frustrated.

If you’re not satisfied with your progress and are willing to follow expert advice you will improve.  This has been proven countless times with golfers who have experienced coaching with Peter.

A coaching session might involve understanding your swing via the use of video analysis and other technologies.  You will also learn how to self-correct by understanding the patterns of your shots.

Golf Possibilities coach Peter Knight has headed successful golf programmes with the Australian Institute of Sport, New South Wales Institute of Sport and coached NSW Colts and Junior Boys’ teams to multiple wins in Interstate Series competitions.  In 2010 Peter coached the Victorian Women’s team to a win.

If you live interstate or overseas then you can still gain from Peter’s experience with an on-line lesson.  Simply send a video via camera, tablet or smart phone and you will receive an analysis and advice on how to improve your swing or any other shot.  To enquire about on-line coaching and receive instructions on how to maximise the coaching, contract Peter at peter@golfpossibilities.com.au

Individual coaching is available from Peter at Yarra Bend Golf Club
Yarra Bend Rd, Fairfield, Vic. Enquiries and bookings  03 9481-7874


Coaching fees
Adult : 60 mins  $145.00 30 mins $85.00
Under 18 : 60 mins $99.00 30 mins $55.00
Enquiries and bookings  03 9481-7874
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Online Coaching : $50.00
Enquiries and bookings click here

Click here to learn how to best use your camera or smart phone to record your golf swing.