Distance Control for Chip Shots

This week’s blog is more like a golf tip…it is a good one though!

Do you sometimes struggle with distance control of your chip shots?  If you do then you are like just about every golfer.  If you recall the chip shots you have hit in practice or on the course over the past few weeks, you will notice a pattern of being more in control of accuracy than distance.

Gaining control of the distance you are able to hit your chip shots will help you improve your scoring from a couple of shots per round to many more depending on your current skill level.

This drill is a really simple one to set up.  I have used a rope and created a series of landing places with it.  Pretty inventive isn’t it.  My student thought I had done this particular drill lots of times.  The truth is that it was the first time I had used a rope to create the drill.

The distance between each landing area is approximately 60cm (24 inches).  I have created six landing areas here.  The objective is to hit shots from a distance of around 2 metres (from the first landing area) and have the ball land somewhere inside the first landing area.

Hit one shot to each of the landing areas and repeat the sequence four times for a total of 24 shots.  Record your score so you can monitor your progress over time.

Depending on the level of challenge you want with this drill you can make the landing areas larger or smaller and vary the distance you are from the first landing area.

It is also a good idea to practice the drill using different clubs.

Practicing this drill at least once a week is guaranteed to improve your short game in no time.

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