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The One-Second Routine

Ever missed a putt after carefully checking the length and break, making couple of practice strokes, and setting up as precisely as possible?  Have you then walked around the other side of the hole and hit the ball into the hole without taking any care lining up or thinking about how hard to hit the ball?  Of course you have. …

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Posture Checkpoints

Golf Posture Checkpoints from Peter Knight on Vimeo.

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No More Bending your Knees

For golfers with sore knees and also for those who have no difficulty with squatting to read putts, there is a fantastic new way to learn how to ‘read’ putts. It is a concept known as AimPoint. I attended a workshop to explain how the system works. Essentially you determine the following things A point directly above or below the …

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Shot Routine

The shot routine is one of three routines associated with playing each golf shot.  This one is usually called the pre-shot routine and is often considered the only one.  The three routines are the decision routine (selecting club, shot type and target), shot routine (from standing behind the ball to hitting the ball) and the post-shot routine (responses to good …

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